Lillan Limited, a dynamic, privately owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality meats, fish, grains, and pickled meats to our consumers. Lillan is motivated by their strong determination to provide quality products at highly competitive prices, with the highest integrity. Our highly trained team is ready and waiting to serve our customers. Our promise is to continuously provide quality and competitively priced goods, prompt delivery with friendly and courteous service!


Andrea & Peter Cowan


A people person, guided by Christian principles and beliefs is exactly how many persons describe the effervescent, family-oriented, go-getter Andrea Cowan. With her love for family and people, she is also the co-owner and chief executive officer of the family-owned establishment Lillan Limited, a dynamic company, dedicated to providing the highest quality meats, fish, grains, and pickled meats to Jamaican consumers at highly competitive prices. Currently the IPP of the Women's Business Owners (WBO), Andrea believes wholeheartedly in and is passionate about persons making the best of their God-given gifts and maximizing the vast potential we all have.

“I like pairing abilities with outcome, so for me I enjoy what I do, providing goods to my customers at an optimum price and being able to deliver what we promise. I always try to do that to the best of my abilities."

~ Andrea Cowan, CEO – Lillan Limited


Peter Cowan, the other half of Lillan Limited, is a strong family man, passionate about honesty and integrity, and focuses primarily on the back office and operations support. He ensures that the accounts and systems are current and accurate. With over 30 years of managing Lillan Limited, Peter has helped to move Lillan from a small entity to the well-established internationally recognized organization we are today. The company is recognised in the industry as a leader and continues to grow.

“We have implemented the use of technology where necessary to improve customer service and the company’s performance. With my exposure both locally and internationally, I have the ability to quickly assess information and will therefore bring common sense assessment to situations that are often overlooked, but are absolutely necessary to succeed."

~ Peter Cowan, CEO – Lillan Limited.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality food at the most competitive prices with the highest integrity.

Our History

Lillie and Ivan Cowan, thus the name Lillan, established Lillan Limited in 1982. Lillan was born out of a commitment to provide an affordable alternative to wholesalers and grocery stores. To date both Peter and Andrea have endeavoured to fulfill the dreams of their parents, providing only the very best service, which can be clearly validated by our steady growth in a very competitive, challenging environment.

Our Motto

Celebrate good times with good food and good friends.


Sustainable Development

Our ambition is to ensure that the food we offer meets today’s needs without compromising future generations. Lillan Limited has implemented energy conservation methods to reduce our demand for energy.