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Orange Chicken


Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins 
Total Time: 20 mins
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Servings: 4 servings


To Serve:


  1. Mix the orange juice, zest, sugar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and rice vinegar. Pour into a zip lock bag with the chicken and leave to marinade for a couple of hours or overnight (it’s not absolutely essential to marinate, so don’t worry if you don’t).
  2. When you’re ready to cook, pour the marinade into a small pan . Bring to the boil, then let it simmer gently to reduce down a little. If it’s looking too dry, add in a splash of water (this is also a good time to put your rice on).
  3. Heat the oil in a wok or large frying. Pat the chicken dry with some kitchen roll, then mix the cornflour with the salt and pepper and toss the chicken in the cornflour until completely coated. When the oil is hot, tip the chicken in and fry until crispy. I try not to move the meat around too much as this seems to reduce the amount of crispiness you get. It generally takes about 9 or 10 minutes to crisp up the chicken, with about 3 or 4 stirs during that time. Some people would say to crisp the chicken in batches, but I’m far too lazy for all that, and so long as you’re using a large pan, and very hot oil you can get away with doing the lot in one go. Once the chicken is crispy and cooked through, remove the chicken using a slotted spoon, and place in a bowl lined with kitchen roll to soak up excess fat.
  4. There should still be a little oil left in the pan at this point. Turn the heat down a little and add the sliced red pepper and sugar snap peas. Fry for a minute or two, then pour over the orange sauce. Turn up the heat and add the chicken back in. Give it a stir and heat through for 1 minute. If your sauce is looking too thin, you can stir in a cornflour slurry (1 tsp cornflour mixed with 3 tsp cold water) to thicken.
  5. Once bubbling and thick, serve up with boiled rice. Garnish with the spring onions/scallions.

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